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The above schools in Varanasi are designated as Climate Schools, being equipped with capability to conduct Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Education and machines such as weather observatory devices such as air sampler to measure the level of air pollution CCD camera, automatic weather station (AWS). SEEDS Asia in partnership with Banaras Hindu University launched a three years project (October 2015- September 2018), “Participatory Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction Approaches in Varanasi” though establishment of Climate Schools (CSs) with the equipment to obtain scientific data on weather in order to build capacity on Disaster Risk Reduction of Varanasi and activating the citizen’s DRR activities. For data collection and risk management activities on climate disaster in schools and the residential community nearby, five CSs are selected from five zones, and five Citizen Forums (CFs) are organized by formulating representatives from the surrounding community. The members of CFs from the residential area became focal persons to receive the weather information from the CS nearby and to lead community based activities for disaster risk reduction in respective area. The observatory data are accumulated and recorded in CSs, being in a manner accessible to or observable for 24 hours to any by minutely, hourly, monthly and yearly basis through internet with application.

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Automatic Weather Station is installed at each Climate School(CS) to measure features of weather such as wind speed, wind direction, humidity, temperature and rainfall as well as derived readings include wind chill, heat index, dew point, etc.

Air Sampler

Air sampler is installed at each Climate School(CS) to measure the level of pollutions such as SO2, NOx,O3, PM2.5 and PM 10 which are harmful to our health

E Prahari

Prahari Reporters

Prahari Reporters belong to the above five Climate Schools. They are mainly students who are investigating ad writing natural and man-made disasters that can affect them, their families and neighbourhood. Their findings will be uploaded on this website with objective of sharing the knowledge and experiences with their colleagues, community and government officials, academician to build safer Varanasi and world.